Route / Switch / Firewall

The backbone to any server farm, camera network, Windows domain, or virtual infrastructure relies on a properly configured network architecture. Understanding the limitations and capabilities of the hardware you implement is necessary for a stable and secure network. We implement and support most major platforms, including but not limited to: Cisco, HP, Dell, and Brocade.


Windows Server

Microsoft Windows Server can be used in many different ways to achieve many different goals. Providing a business with the proper environment to achieve their goals is of utmost importance. Microsoft Windows Server is unparalleled at providing flexible environments for business innovation, yet requires the right team to maintain, patch, and protect in case of disaster.


Security Camera Solutions

There are many different solutions one can find for a Security Camera solution. We prefer to utilize a properly built network infrastructure to maximize efficiency and success in video recording. Milestone is a proven software solution that can work with a variety of hardware while providing exceptional service and features.


Linux / Unix

There are currently many different operating systems that businesses can choose to run in their environment. Many choose Linux or Unix for increased security and stability, but may find management of the server difficult. Over time, VTS has learned to be proficient in managing many different operating systems and will be able to assist with solutions and maintenance.


Server Virtualization

Many of the server environments in the world today are running on a virtual infrastructure. Vmware, Hyper-V, and XenServer are the most deployed solutions. Configuration and implmentation of these networks requires much forethought and planning. Understanding the entire picture (storage, networking, licensing, server hardware, backup) is necessary for a successfull implementation.


OS X Server

If you are running a Mac environment or trying to manage a group of Apple devices, you may have decided to implement a Mac Server. These servers have been historically robust, but require a set of specific skills to properly manage and implement. Our technicians have previously certified in Mac OS X Server, Workstation, and Mobile Device Management.


Wireless Networking

Almost all businesses employ wireless connectivity as a means of communication. Most wireless frequencies are Public Domain and the strongest AP's usually win. VTS employs enterprise level wireless in all solutions that we design from Enterprise businesses down to Sole Proprietors. We manage a variety of wireless vendors that a customer can choose to employ, but prefer to use Ruckus Wireless for most solutions. Ruckus has provided a solid array of AP's for inside and outside deployments.


Managed Service Provider

All network environments require a certain amount of maintenance. If your business suffers greatly when downtime occurs, it can take a large effort to keep your environment in top form. VTS has attained the talent, tools, and temperament required to provide those services.

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VTS is a small business looking to help other businesses integrate and implement Apple solutions. Years of experience installing a myriad of servers and workstations has allowed VTS to excel in creating a stable work environment for varied needs.

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